Signals from the dark - Natimuk: Oct 29 - Nov 12, 2021



As the world decides if it’s closing down or opening up, four artists are signalling from the small rural town of Natimuk in Australia. Generous gestures at a big time: Anthony Pelchen -light/installation, D’Arcy Molan - saxophone, Grace Pundyk – spoken words, Jacqui Schulz- filming.


This project has been generously assisted by an ACT Natimuk Creative Lab Program grant and The Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund through Regional Arts Australia, administered in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria.


*updating in progress

Day 5, 2/11/2021: D’Arcy stepped onto the Air Asia Platform from the back door, signaled with his saxophone, stepped off, Tony stepped on and moved like there’s no tomorrow, stepped off and both ended up in the middle of the Wimmera hwy. I watched for trucks. A very particular combination of signals.